To create a Legend the Legend Sheet is required. This chapter describes Level and Core Stats that will be used when playing a Legend. The Core Stats are used in Role-playing, Exploration and Battles. All the Core Stats start on 0, these increase through Level Up. Increasing the Core Stats also increase the Battle Stats.

Note: Level also increases two Battle Stats: Power and Max Health.

Strength (STR)

Strength determines the strength of your legend. This is mostly used on overpowering targets, moving targets and just look insanely strong. Strength is also associated with physical prowess.

Strength increases these Battle Stats: Physical Armor, Physical Block Chance, Critical Bonus.

Note: 0 Strength does not mean a Legend has NO Strength at all. The 0 just means that the Legend has no bonus when making Strength Checks.

Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence determines the power of the Legend’s mind. This includes problem solving, learning and memory. Intelligence is also associated with magical prowess.

Intelligence increases these Battle Stats: Magical Armor, Magical Block Chance, Critical Chance.

Endurance (END)

Endurance determines the survivability of the Legend. This includes the Legends immune system, enduring long days of work and overall Health.

Endurance increases these Battle Stats: Max Health and Block Bonus.

Agility (AGI)

Agility determines how fast the Legend is. This includes moving swiftly and quietly, pickpocketing and other agile movements. Agility will be used to determine who will act first when two or more characters want to do something at the same time.

Agility increases these Battle Stats: Movement and Dodge Chance.

Sensory (SEN)

Sensory determines the Legend’s awareness. This includes everything that has to do with seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling (even divine).

Sensory increases these Battle Stats: Critical Bonus and Block Bonus.

Luck (LUC)

Luck determines how lucky the Legend is. This is included specifically for random effects. Luck will also be used when a Check cannot be determined using the other 5 Core Stats.

Luck increases these Battle Stats: Critical Chance and Dodge Chance.