In the story, you might need to get information from the local town’s people or find your way in a dark cave. Both situations are part of Exploration. At this point there it is important for you as a Legend to get a feel for what you want to achieve and for the Storyteller to provide you with checks to achieve that goal. These goals are always based on your Legend’s Stats. For specific situations, Talents can also provide a bonus.

A storyteller can also decide that a roll is not needed for a particular situation. This can be because the Legend is so skilled in this that no roll is needed, it will not me a game of chance, this is what your Legend excels at.

If you have to roll there are two types of rolls: Normal and VS rolls. Normal rolls mean you have to roll and the outcome will be a guideline for the storyteller to determine a result. VS rolls are situations where there are two sources competing for something. You and a bystander want to catch the wedding bouquet can be determined by a vs AGI Roll. There should always be one of the Core Stats to represent the Legend’s performance in each given situation.

Result Chart for Normal Rolls

  • 0-6: Bad, you probably failed in what you were trying to do.
  • 7-12: Meh, depending on the difficulty of the action, you can barely make it or fail.
  • 13-19: OK, depending on the difficulty of the action, you can succeed or barely fail.
  • 20-26: Great, You made it happen, or hear in depth why it is not possible.
  • 27+: Legendary, good job mate! you might even get something else as a bonus.

Some Roll examples:

  • Arm-wrestling contest with a stranger: VS STR Roll
  • Breaking a door: STR Roll
  • Remembering important details of a past event: INT Roll
  • Figuring out your location: INT Roll
  • Reacting in time for a falling rock above you: AGI Roll
  • Catching an item faster than someone else: VS AGI Roll
  • Spotting animal tracks on the ground: SEN Roll
  • Shooting an arrow on a specific spot on the ceiling: SEN Roll
  • Spotting faraway waypoints: SEN Roll
  • Picking a lock: LUC Roll
  • Cave is collapsing and rocks fall down, are you getting hit?: LUC Roll

More coming soon…