Late Legends is a tabletop RPG that will help you create and play a self-created fairy tale or epic adventure. Late Legends takes concepts from traditional J-RPG’s and applies them to a tabletop environment. The stories you play are lead by a Storyteller (similar to Dungeon Master) and the Players create or choose their own Legend (similar to Character). All you need is a hexagonal battle map, some sheets of paper, a d20, a d100 and some tokens. Late Legends is easy to learn and suitable for both one-shot and long-lasting stories.

Create a Legend

So you want to create your Legend? Great! Think of a cool Backstory, summarize it for the story in a Past Occupation. Delve into the Core Stats and Battle Stats to learn how Late Legends works. Pick one of over 30 Classes to play. Plan ahead by checking Level Up. Get creative with Tricks & Talents and Races. Browse through the highly customizable Equipment. Get the rest of your inventory filled with Items. Put all this on the sheets Sheets and bring your Legend to the table!

Play a Legend

With a Legend ready you can focus on Role-playing. Get a glimpse of interesting role-play items with Trinkets. Learn and improve your tactics for Battles and plan ahead with battle items like Artifacts. Get a useful overview of everything you can and cannot do in battle with the Cooldowns. Get an idea of what a Legend can do in Exploration.

Tell the Story

Want to create and run your own story? Check out our two demo campaigns: Termina and Crystal Chronicles.

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Latest Article

Abandoning the one-man show

23-11-2017 by Coen (Qumatah)

While working on Late Legends, I realized that a system ready for role-playing has to include a lot of things. If I want to ever develop a cohesive system with all these features, it would be a lot of work. Moreover, I have the never-ending desire to keep things easy to play, customizable and “balanced”. Read More

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Latest Update

0.8.0 Powerups and rewrites! (05-12-2017)

  • Clarified Class Skills in duration, target and effects.
  • Increase the overall power of Class Skills.
  • Design update on the Sheets.

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