A Legend can wear Weapons, Offhand Items and Armor. Weapons are usually meant for offense while Offhand Item can both be Offense and Defense oriented. A Legend is able to wear a set of armor and use two hands for weapons and offhand Items. A Legend can wield any combination, for more info on the specifics, check Battle Stats.

Late Legends features a Default set to get you started, these can be customised to suit your Legend of Story. See Changing the Flavor and Quality bonuses and drawbacks.

Changing the Flavor

All of the current Equipment are just handles for stats. Would you like a Sniper gun instead of a bow? Go For it! Ask your Storyteller if you may use the stats of a Greatbow for a Sniper Gun!

Quality bonuses and Drawbacks

There is a small power curve to be used on the basic set. This can be used to incoperate quality differences and durability drawbacks. You could use the following Guidelines:

The “Other Battle Stat Bonuses” should be left as is. To further increase those, check Artifacts and Core Stats.